About Us


Deedfaraz company, established in 1998, relies on decades of its management and founders’ experience in the field of import and distribution of photography and movie cameras in Iran. The primary focus of Deedfaraz has remained fulfilling the needs of professional photographers in Iran.

Acquiring the most advanced photography equipment from various foreign sources and fulfilling the needs of Iran’s professional industry market has been one of the primary goals of  Deedfaraz company from its inception.

Today, Deedfaraz continues its progression and remains the leader in providing the world’s most advanced  professional digital and analog photography equipment in Iran’s market. Deedfaraz ensures that its clients remain up to date with the most advanced solutions, and continues to  provide the required technological tools to professional photographers in art, industrial, advertising, research and special case arenas.

The most advanced equipment and solutions, in the hand of Iran’s capable professional photographers assists them in materializing their best artistic ideas.

To achieve the best in your photography and to ensure your creations pass the test of time and are exactly what you expect them to be, let Deedfaraz provide you the professional tools you need.